Food Diary and Calorie Tracker by MyNetDiary HD

Food Diary and Calorie Tracker by MyNetDiary HD

Developed by MyNetDiary Inc.

  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Release Date: 2010-04-01
  • Current Version: 4.24
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 32.86 MB
  • Developer: MyNetDiary Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4.5/5 ( 5,253 Reviews)
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Food Diary and Calorie Tracker by MyNetDiary HD App Ratings: 4.5
Based on 5,253 Reviews

Food Diary and Calorie Tracker by MyNetDiary HD App Description

MyNetDiary is the easiest to use and most comprehensive food diary and calorie counter app on the iPad. MyNetDiary helps people lose weight naturally - by eating better and making better daily food choices, achieving your goals faster. MyNetDiary is based on proven science - it's rated as the #1 mobile diet app in an independent study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. The New York Times, comparing to MyFitnessPal, calls MyNetDiary “simpler… quicker… Also, it looks nicer." MyNetDiary for iPad is thoughtfully designed and optimized for the iPad from the ground up, so planning and tracking foods and exercise have never been easier. MyNetDiary has a huge 690,000 foods database, barcode scanner, and great diet tips and analysis helping you stay motivated for healthy weight loss. MyNetDiary has been featured in USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Consumer Reports, NPR Morning Edition, Health Magazine, Good Housekeeping, and more. ONLY IN MYNETDIARY: * Simple, easy, and fast food entry. As simple and intuitive as a paper journal, only much, much faster - with over 690,000 foods at your fingertips. * The only food diary in the world that is so fast that it searches as you type. * Built-in barcode scanner. * PhotoFoods service - if a food is not in the database or out-of-date, send its photos from the app and we will enter or update the food for you, saving your time. * Works great offline without Internet connection, and syncs to the "cloud" - when Internet is available. * Access your diary online or with any of MyNetDiary's top-rated mobile apps. No setup, no third party services, no waiting to sync. USER REVIEWS: * "Easy to use, beautiful on the iPad.” * "Excellent app! If you are serious about losing weight and getting fit then this is a must have app." * "This is the first solution that is quick, intuitive, and beautiful." * "This is the best of the lot by far, it is superbly designed.” * "This app has really changed my life.” WHAT MAKES MYNETDIARY THE BEST * Great food database - over 690,000 foods. Over 400,000 foods were entered by us and 290,000 popular foods were contributed by our members. UPDATED DAILY! * Start typing and MyNetDiary will instantly find your foods while you type. Foods you ate before are found after typing 3-4 letters! * Easy, comprehensive, and sensible diet planning * Up to 45 nutrients, including carbs, protein, all types of fat, sugars, fiber, sodium, cholesterol, vitamins, and minerals * Multiple serving types for most foods - grams, oz, cups * Daily and Weekly Analysis - learn how you can improve your overall diet and eat more healthfully * Tracks your water intake * Optional PIN code for your privacy * High-quality, beautifully-designed app * IT IS SO EASY TO USE! MORE HIGHLIGHTS * Beautiful, interactive weight, nutrient and measurement charts. * Food Score - helps with understanding the food labels at a glance * An Online Community supported by a Registered Dietitian. * 500+ activities and exercise calculating calories based on your weight, intensity and time or distance The list of features is huge, but MyNetDiary makes them easy to use: * Custom foods and exercise * Recipe editor * Favorite foods and exercises * Notes * Vitamins & medications tracking * Food time tracking - helps you accurately track smaller and more frequent meals * Track all body measurements, blood pressure, hours of sleep, daily steps, and more * Nutrient and macronutrient balance planning, helpful for low-carb diets Backed up by * Your diary is safely stored on our servers, and can be accessed online - for food and exercise entry, data backup, and Community participation. * MyNetDiary mobile apps are available on all leading mobile platforms - access your iPad diary on the go from your phone.


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App Reviews

  • Perfect for me

    By FromKim
    I started the application some time back and stopped when I got back into my old habits. When I restarted the application, the app retained the information on my original weight and other data. This was very helpful, since I could see that I got off track but I was still making progress. It was a good moment and I made a lot more progress since then. I could see that my goals are achievable. Love this app. I use it everyday. Thank You.
  • Fast, attractive, reliable so far

    By SarahS107
    I have been using this app only about 10 days, after nearly two years on MyFitnessPal. I find this app much more attractive, just as easy to use, and blessedly free of advertising. So far I have had no crashes, no lost data, and only minor annoyances over available units. I like the simple interface for entering recipes, and the fact that I can choose the units for the most convenient serving size. I also like being able to send a photo of package and food label to get a missing food added. My custom entry was automatically updated within 24 hours of submitting a new food. I don't like the heavy-handed comments about my nutrient choices, but they are easy to ignore. Obviously, the program is getting its recommendations from the politically correct government bureaucrats, not from more recent studies that show how harmful some of those decades-old guidelines are. Nevertheless, it is simple to ignore their warnings and set my own targets for nutrients. So far, I am very satisfied. - - ————————————————————————— - - Two years later I am still using this app every day and still pleased with it. I like the fact that it tracks many micronutrients even if I don’t choose to display them. When I have a question about some nutrient, I can turn on its display and all the history is there. I also like the Details page, where I can make notes about unusual symptoms or temporary medications. However, I have run across one annoying bug. After I type some notes, if I don’t hide the keyboard before going to a different display, my most recent typing vanishes.
  • Good app with a few serious flaws

    By 123CarGuy123
    This is a pretty good app in that it allows you to track everything you eat. I’ve lost over 80 pounds with this app so I know it works. However, it can be very cumbersome to use at times. For example, there is no way to enter a negative amount if you don’t eat a particular item at a meal. I’ve never figured out why the developers keep trying to make the app more pretty rather than making it more functional. If you order a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, but you don’t eat the top half of the bun, there's no easy way to get the right calories without making a custom food and saving it each time. This is very inconvenient for the user. I like Egg McMuffins but I don’t eat the top half of the English Muffin. I had to create a new food entry called: Egg McMuffin less 1/2 bread. To create the new entry I had to add each item individually, but when it came to the bread, I just added 1/2 English Muffin. Normally this sandwich is 300 calories but I save 65 calories by not eating all the bread. Can you imagine doing this for every food item where you don’t eat every single ingredient? It is a real pain! How hard can it be to add a - sign to the numeric keypad and let the user enter in: 1 Quarter Pounder with Cheese -.5 Hamburger Bun Or 1 Egg McMuffin -.5 English Muffin If you use the app religiously like I do, you’ll soon see that this is a real weakness in the app. Another weakness is that the food database is packed with erroneous nutritional data. Many users just aren’t very good with math so there are a LOT of food entries that are no where near correct. Other than these two glaring flaws, the app is pretty good.
  • Another mediocre food tracker

    By tahoe_rob
    I’ve now tried several food diary apps, including MyNetDiary and MyFitnessPal, and have come to the inescapable conclusion that this entire category of apps/services is lacking. MyNetDiary has the best user interface, but that’s not saying much. It’s still a UI/UX abomination, but it’s better than the other abominations. Case in point: there’s a setting in recipes to add individual recipe items to a meal instead of the recipe itself. This setting is not available via the web. Furthermore, the iPhone and iPad versions seem to have their own settings. If you add your recipe on an iPhone and activate that setting, neither the iPad nor the web will respect it. Activate it on the iPad and the iPhone and web won’t respect it. Ugh. But it gets worse! Since there’s no way to see a list of recipes on the iPhone, the only way to edit a recipe is by adding it to you daily log and then selecting edit. You cannot do this once the “add individual ingredients” setting is turned on, however. And since you can’t edit the iPhone’s individual ingredient recipe setting from the iPad or web, you’re stuck with a recipe that cannot be edited. But wait. It gets even worse! The add individual items setting is buggy and added incorrect information to my recipe. Items were missing. Others had wildly incorrect serving sizes assigned. In other words, that feature is a complete and total fail. There’s also no way to save a meal. You can save a meal as a recipe but that combines everything into a single log entry. There should be a way to save a meal, select that meal and have those individual meal items added (like what they are trying to do with the half-baked “add individual ingredients” setting). I’ve also noticed some other strange issues that I attribute to sync errors. For example, MyNetDiary has reset my macros several times. The user interfaces across the iPhone, iPad and web are not consistent either. It’s easy to see a list of custom foods, favorite foods and recipes on the web. Not so on the iPad or iPhone. Moving between these three is frustrating. I’m happiest with MyNetDiary via the web. The iPhone and iPad apps are both lacking in features compared to the web. On a positive note, the food database is the best I’ve tested so far. When I tried MyFitnessPal, a good 50% of the food items I scanned had incorrect data. With MyNetDiary that number has been much lower. Correcting inaccuracies in the database is also easier with MyNetDiary. It’s a shame that the user experience is so dreadful and inconsistent. I had hoped to find a food tracking app that would replace my homegrown FileMaker solution. MyNetDiary is close, but the inconsistencies across different devices and overall lousy user interface/experience are deal breakers.
  • Effective but disappointing

    By cheesecake 13
    I was using a different app to manage my diet and got tired of it and saw MyNetDiary as a very promising. I got the iPhone app and was very impressed. I really liked it. The system is good. The food library is very decent. I can’t expect a perfect library when scanning bar codes, but best I’ve seen so far among this type of app. It’s also easy to send in new foods. I thought to try the iPad version. This is where the disappointment came. The app seems a like a bad version of the website and iPhone app. The numbers don’t quite exactly match. The iPad app is fundamentally a different app than the iPhone app. I’m not saying both apps need to be exactly the same, especially if the iPad app is a separate paid app. Key features should match up. The settings menu shouldn’t be completely different and unrecognizable. The app is missing the dashboard, let alone how you can customize the dashboard app on the iPhone. I would give this app 5 stars if these large flaws are corrected.
  • Best App to track weight loss

    By AZ Dieter
    So impressed with this app! It’s easy, has a great food data base to track calories, and the ability to keep your information private. Highly recommend! I use it everyday.
  • Love app

    By Honorable starting point
    This is a great app. Looking to loose a lot of weight and using this as one of my favorite tools. The flexibility to set my own ratio of fat, carbs and protein makes this app a great tool for daily intake monitoring. Monitoring the recommended nutrients is what it takes for mindful weight management. Used with my Garmin, I am moving towards optimal health and fitness.
  • Excellent App

    By Ronald A. Gustafson
    I compared this app with others, and think that I made the right choice. It’s easy to use and gives me the information that I need. I’ve lost 80 pounds - 30 pounds by just changing my food intake to high protein/fat and not counting calories. Then I leveled out. It took calorie counting and a way to track progress, to lose the last 50 pounds. This app made that possible. It has my recommendation.
  • Good for counting - dubious advice

    By stockdrover
    This program is great for counting calories. The crowd-sourced UPC code lookup is particularly good. I love the favorites recall. I love the abbreviated lookup. I love the personalized DRI. The diet advice is practically Stone Age. Newsflash: saturated fats are not bad. Newsflash: salt uptake depends on activity an climate, not age. Newsflash: the surest way to sabotage your weight loss is to “eat your exercise calories”. Newsflash: eggs are not bad for you. I’ve lost 123 lbs using this program to count the calories, by weighing everything I eat and making sure that calories in are less than calories out. It’s easy fast and multi platform portable. They really need to stop giving bad advice based on antiquated or disproven research.
  • Decent

    By Schwantzo
    If you love spending a lot of time entering custom foods this app is for you. Or if you eat junk food this app is for you. Most of the food entries are inaccurate or incomplete and corrupted by user entries. Your custom foods are very difficult to search for in most cases. Written by inexperienced predatory developers.