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  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2010-10-08
  • Current Version: 1.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 1.02 MB
  • Developer: MEA Mobile
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 3.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    2.5/5 ( 32 Reviews)
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iGloLEDset App Ratings: 2.5
Based on 32 Reviews

iGloLEDset App Description

✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭ DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭ A New FREE iGloLEDset Control App "iGloLEDset: Spinner Edition." is available in the iTunes App Store The new app is compatible with with current firmware & current iOS versions. Using this app is NOT RECOMMENDED. Please download iGloLEDset: Spinner Edition for best results with your iGloLEDset. ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭ "It is drop dead one of the coolest accessories for your Apple iDevice ever," - Whole Apple. Realtime control of color LED lights from your iPhone. iGloLEDSet is the most physically engaging lighting technology since the on switch. ✭✭ ADDITIONAL HARDWARE REQUIRED✭✭ ✭✭ READ FULL DESCRIPTION BEFORE DOWNLOADING✭✭ Your iPhone connects via WiFi to a 120 light strip of color LED's which you control by moving the iPhone around in the air, or by touching the screen to paint the lights different colors. Originally designed for architectural lighting and home automation, iGloLEDSet will also make the Clark Griswald in you proud. Use iGloLED set for holiday lights, bars, zazz up your car, DJ lights, dorm rooms, and dance floors. Any place you want to have a special glow: iGloLEDSet. - 16.4 foot strip - 120 x FULL COLOR lights - Hundreds of presets - Programmable Sequences - Savable sequences - Segment up to 8 sections the strip - Show different colors and patterns in each segment. - Real time controls - Chain up to 3 strips together for 49 feet of lights - App can control multiple kits - Universal power supply - Also works with iPod Touch, iPad & iPhone 4 Important: This app requires the iGLOLEDSet which can be purchased directly from www.igloledset.com. WORLD WIDE SHIPPING AVAILABLE - FLAT RATE P.S. Ask About Our In-Car Power Kit. Press: "one of the most fun and innovative uses of the iPhone as a controller I have come across."- Cult of Mac. “…a small price to pay for this kind of portable party-making power, considering you just spent that much on a bottle of Blue Label for Steve’s birthday party last week… and that didn’t turn you into the most popular guy in the room.” – Engadget “The iPhone really does seem as though it can do anything and everything, and the iGlo LED set is proof of that.” – ubergizmo “…if you want to throw a swanky party or a performance art piece where people have the ability to control the show, this might be a good option” - iSquint.net “Say goodbye to the boring strings of Christmas lights you decorated with in the days of yore. The iGlo LED set, which can be fully controlled with an iPhone or iPod in real time, transforms any room into an instant party.” – Gizmodo “Parties require a lot of thought. At any given moment, an extremely fun party can become extremely boring. One way to keep a party interesting and exciting is through the use of lighting. If you think about it, many nightclubs and commercial parties make really good use of lighting. Through your Wi-Fi connection, and your iphone along with Wi-Fi enabled LED lights, you can control the lights at your party.” – appadvice “De iGloLEDset was aanvankelijk ontworpen voor de belichting van architectuur, gebouwen dus. Maar de lichtslang is net zo geschikt om de bar, je dj-opstelling, een dansvloer of de kerstboom thuis te verlichten.” – iPhoneclub “Une idée qui pourra ravir les amateurs de discothèque qui veulent « faire pareil à la maison ». Grâce à votre connexion Wi-Fi et à votre iPhone ou votre iPad vous pourrez réaliser des effets de lumière incroyables et rendre vos fêtes inoubliables.” - iphon.fr “Check out the video to see the iGlo LED set in action. If that video doesn’t sell you, I don’t know what will.” – Trendhunter


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App Reviews

  • Awesome needs AUDIO

    By Guitari::
    Great but I wanna use with live music and would like to see mic controlled set and go for a show. Say like a screen saver vibe audio driven. Then I'd buy 2more!!
  • Time for an UPDATE

    By DJAnatol
    The technology is there for this app, but the app needs some improvements. The lights are great/bright and the hardware works... but its expensive, so we deserve an app that supports the cost. As the previous reviewer stated, its not intuitive at all (although there is a help guide w/ in the app which gets things moving). That said, there isn't that much to it... so once you've figured it out you're fine. However, the more you use the app, to setup custom segments and programs, the more unstable the app gets (I ran into several crashes when using the real-time and 'setup' pages). If the designers are listening: 1. NEED an iPad version; an app with so many opportunities to use high res colors SHOULD 2. Would be nice if the app itself switched the Network over to the LED network when the app was in use and then returned to the previous network when exited. 3. Should be possible to establish a password for the LED network; currently my neighbors could just download the app and mess with my lights! LOL 4. Would like to see an option to slow the transition between colors even more than the current slowest settings 5. Indeed, an ON/OFF switch would be welcomed. I currently change to an "undefined" custom program in order to turn the LEDs off. 6. Add an option in the setup area (and when you use the app for the first time) to differentiate the user experience between BASIC and ADVANCED, where basic just provides the default presets (and an ON/OFF switch) and then ADVANCED would have all the other functionality. Last, I want to add that I contacted customer support with several questions, including adding additional LED strings to a single controller and they were FANTASTIC, so I fully expect that App improvements are on their way.
  • So far it crashes

    By TheChanceLewis
    Can't even get it to open. I'm sure it is a great app, am I doing something wrong?
  • Not perfect yet...

    By Marsianin
    These LED's are awesome, but this app lacks some things: 1. Retina support (it looks ugly on iPhone4) 2. Support for iPad, I think it will be more useful to control LEDs 3. This app is really not intuitive but thanks for built-in help 4. Support for music from mic and built-in iPod player 5. [bug] App closes when no WiFi is connected
  • Less is more.

    By Dave804
    I bought the LED set as accent lighting for behind a 65” large screen LCD TV. Setup was easy and the lights were nice and bright. The lights are everything you’d expect however it’s the app that lacks. When I say lacks I don’t mean in features. The app tries to do too much. Instead of doing a couple things really well, it tries to do everything but does it very poorly. The icons and interface are far from intuitive. Little “U” shapes upside down and sideways mean what exactly??? The lack of intuitiveness leaves the user lost and clueless. Some suggestions would be check boxes and a color wheel allowing the user to drawn the pattern within the wheel. The biggest lacking feature is lack of a on off switch. You either have to move everything and unplug it or setup a “defined” program which is confusing. Less is more. Keep it simple fellas. Over all it’s an ok app but that’s because you have no choice but to use it or have a useless LED strip. I will say the support is quick and helpful and the response was very nice.
  • WTH

    By Cesar E.
    Does not work on iPad