Solitaire Tripeaks – Card Game

Solitaire Tripeaks – Card Game

Developed by Game Show Network

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2014-08-13
  • Current Version: 4.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 147.15 MB
  • Developer: Game Show Network
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4.5/5 ( 36,298 Reviews)
  • Price:
Solitaire Tripeaks – Card Game App Ratings: 4.5
Based on 36,298 Reviews

Solitaire Tripeaks – Card Game App Description

Play in paradise with Solitaire TriPeaks, the number 1 online cards game on Android! Our free solitaire game has over 850 levels – with more on the way! Join a Club to work with Friends or go solo and navigate the island with your trusty guide Tiki and his loveable dog Poi. Disarm Traps, use Boosters, & earn points as you play your way through changing environments and events like Poi’s Treasure. What are you waiting for? Download now and have a BLAST in hot Solitaire TriPeaks paradise. SOLITAIRE ON THE BEACH - Relax and fill up your Streak Meter to unlock solitaire BONUSES! - Trigger BOOSTERS like the Shark Hook, Magic Eye, and Peek-A-Boo. - Uncover the Golden Tiki Mask, Flower Blossom, and other hidden cards. - Journey through island destinations, unlocking new solitaire adventures and free bonuses. - Land on the Leaderboard to compete with friends in the solitaire arena and win HUGE rewards and bonuses! - Sip on classic solitaire with a special Tiki twist that includes elements of Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, and Pyramid solitaire games. FREE ONLINE SOLITAIRE WITH DAILY REWARDS - Register now for FREE, and you’ll get 12,500 Coins on the house. Plus, you’ll collect a Daily Return Bonus for Coins every day! - Play Solitaire TriPeaks with your friends to earn bonus Coins and compete in weekly Leaderboard Challenges! - Participate in the TriPeaks Challenge or race to Poi’s Treasure for extra rewards and Boosts. - Casual, free, cards game for everyone to enjoy! Never played solitaire or cards games before? Complete a quick tutorial and get extra bonus Coins. - Check out our other free solitaire games on Facebook and FreeCell Solitaire, Pyramid Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, and Klondike Solitaire. For questions or technical issues email us at: Check Out More Free Online Games from GSN Games: Bingo Bash!  Play the world’s #1 bingo game now! Play here: GSN Casino  The world’s best Casino app with Slots, Bingo, Video Poker and Blackjack! Play here: Privacy Policy:


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App Reviews

  • Entertaining

    By Dart_fun
    Fun and entertaining
  • Rigged

    By AJSMW
    Obviously they want to make money. That means you can’t win levels the first time. Then, their new system where you watch an ad and then get coins is definitely flawed. The rigging there is beyond obvious. Anytime you watch an ad and choose a card, the highest valued card is the one you chose last time, or the exact opposite of the one you chose. You never the highest valued card, which is a crock of poo. It’s a fun game but they only care about you buying things. Never mind you help them get I come every time you watch an ad. 🙄
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    By Leslie1010
    Love this game!
  • Fun slight frustration

    By dsp57
    Have not concluded which carrots that they put on the road to play free are consistent🙃
  • Beware, Game Cheats to Get You to Spend Real Money

    By WickedPumpkin
    I've been struggling through the annoying constant asking if I want to buy something (coins, perks, things to make the game winnable) for a couple weeks now. I put up with it, but I'm not sure why. It was fun at the beginning and I had moments where I enjoyed it. But the last straw for me was when I started to get pop-up ads after each level that I couldn't close. I have to exit the game completely to continue. That's not fun at all. Below are all the things I found as issues in playing for about 6 weeks. I hope this review helps someone. There are quite a few concerns I have. 1. This game uses extremely high bandwidth for a supposedly simple game. I suspect there is constant feedback being sent to their servers to try to make levels harder if you are going to win it. There are just too many things that don't add up. For example, there is only one card left on the board and my deck has 15 cards. The card I need (let's say a 6 or a 8) hasn't shown up on the board or deck yet, so it should be there. Instead I get 6 kings and neither of the cards I actually needed. Hmm. This isn't right. If it really is solitaire, there should be one of each card in the deck. 2. Along the same lines, it seems this game has very little strategy and is mostly luck. I've played levels where there was one one route to take and it still wasn't winnable. I can understand that not every game of solitaire is winnable, but is the ratio really 15 loses for each win? I'm not really interested in playing a game with those kinds of odds that are determined by a deceitful software application. This is more like playing slots. Nothing you do changes the outcome. 3. If I use a bonus cards (a special boost card that you either win through the club or buy) to help me win a level, it becomes much harder to win anything without one. 4. When they have a "special offer" on something, the game becomes un-winnable unless you've bought it. 5. The lag on the game is terrible. I have super high speed internet (250mb wireless speed) and there are times that I lose the level because I ran out of time due to the lag slowing things down so much. 6. The support email address they give comes back as undeliverable because the domain doesn't exists. I haven't figured out a way to contact them if I have an issue. This is the main reason why I would never spend a cent in this game. 7. The interface is sticky. As mentioned above, the lag causes other problems too. There are many different screens to constantly go through just to play one level. Each one has moments of freezing or glitching. It's hard to view simple things because it takes so many screens just to get there. You have to click 4 screens just to see how many points you've earned, plus 2 pop ups asking you to buy something. 8. This game, like so many others, offers to watch a video for coins. The problem is that doing so usually causes the game to crash. Most times you do still get the meager coins, but it's frustrating. There is one ad that plays the entirety and then when I close it, the game crashes and I don't get anything. I've taken to manually crashing the game at the start of that ad so I at least get the coins. 9. Also mentioned above, playing a new level, the next level you haven't played yet, usually takes 10-15 tries to complete. The cost to play a level is 3000 coins. The most you get for winning is 6000, but only if you are in a club with all the perks. So, it's impossible to play for long because it costs so much. I believe this is intentional to get the player to spend real money to buy coins, which, in my opinion are extremely expensive for how many they give you. You can get 1000 free coins every 20 minutes, assuming you go in and collect them, but it's not realistic. 10. This game has a "news" section, but they use that for asking you to enable notifications or connect to facebook about every 6 hours, sometimes less. Unfortunately they also use it to announce special events, so you do want to read it. 11. Note about connecting to FACEBOOK. Don't do it if you are more than 5 levels in because it will ERASE all your progress and put you back at the beginning without any of your coins or your club. Several members of the clubs I was in actually lost all their progress for unknown reasons and had to start over and find the club and rejoin. This seems to be a common theme in some negative reviews. 12. And, finally, the new addition of ads after playing a level. After you play, and are trying to click continue, a new screen (#*|~[%*!!!) pops up saying "brought to you by" and then yet another screen pops up with an ad. This is not a video, at least not yet anyways, but just a simple static ad. It gives you the options of "learn more" or "no thanks." Unfortunately, clicking on no thanks does nothing. There is no "x" to close the ad either. And you don't get any coins for seeing the ad. I was becoming increasingly frustrated with this game and this was the final straw for me. The game is unplayable now because I have to reload it after each level. I'd rather find a game that is actually fun to play instead of spending so much time rebooting. So, in conclusion, buyer beware. If you want to play a poker-like atmosphere card game that is like tri-peaks instead of classic solitaire, and spend a lot of real cash to try to be entertained by trying to beat levels that are almost impossible to beat, then this is the game for you. Just remember that at anytime you could lose all the money you've spent and have no way to recover it. Plus you are dealing with a company that is deceiving you by cheating to get you to spend more. Personally, after playing over 100 levels, I can say that game has increased my stress level overall rather than provide a means of having fun.
  • Most Rigged Game Ever

    By Eddies chump
    I've been playing this over a year. You have to join a club to get enough coins to play. Clubs can be demanding, and unpredictable. Either they don't play, and get no coins, or they may use you for points then cut you. So I started my own club. Now, I'm tired of the game but, try to be supportive of the other players in my club. I would prefer to play when I feel, not be obligated to play. Second, this is the most rigged game ever!!! Very seldom will you get the cards you need without buying extra, which is nearly twice as much for 5 cards, that sometimes play, most times do not, which now you can buy more cards which is more than double!! The game is designed to eat your coins, and force you to buy packages, which are expensive!! I have had many players quit due to the cost. They do have several ways to win coin, and I won't buy. But, like I said, be prepared to lose nearly every hand you don't buy extra cards. No matter whAt card you chose, it will be the wrong one. There are many glitches and the game freezes at times and there goes more coins. Support is not good. The clubs are good due to teamwork and the graphics are good. Can be fun, just wish GSN would get over being so greedy.
  • addicting

    By texacali33
    Easy to play, quick and fun.. a great twist on the usual card game..
  • Lots of fun!

    By 2Stakt
    Love this game
  • Great great

    By mcruz602
    Love the game play. Makes Solitaire fun again.
  • Bby

    By Bbyd416
    Its an amazing game